It's Been A Bit Wild & Woolly!

After a wild weekend which saw more rain in a morning than we’d seen in months and 2 days and nights of sustained high winds, the dahlias in the field looked sorry for themselves and we took the decision to close the garden.


We’ve not had frost here yet and the temperatures have been beautifully mild meaning that the flowers continued to open and buds develop, the wind succeeded in burning the foliage and turning the dahlias a not-so-autumnal shade of brown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of autumn colour as much as the next person but dahlias aren’t known for this particular atribute and ours were struggling to carry off the look.


Although this year and last have been very different weather-wise, we closed the garden on October 14th in 2017 after a sharp autumn storm and the same thing happened at the same time this year.  Being fascinated by the weather goes hand in hand with being a horticulturalist  and from that perspective it’s

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