January Update

With 3,000 acres of daffodils to harvest, the start of the year is always busy on the farm. The Dahlia collection (situated on the flower farm here in West Cornwall) is gearing up to start despatching dahlia tubers and further planning for our busy shows’ season.


It’s an exciting time, the days are lengthening and we always hope for some sunshine to lift the temperature in the tunnel which will kick-start the tubers into life. We’ll then be able to start taking cuttings.


We do use supplementary heating and lighting but a couple of hours of sun warms the tunnel beautifully, we’ve even started to irrigate this week (the dahlias are not taking part in Dry January!). There are a few shoots beginning to show, but don’t worry if yours aren’t, remember we gently force our dahlias.


It’s natural to be making resolutions and plans for the year ahead during the first few days of January and the National Dahlia Collection is no different. We

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