September Sun

The evenings are drawing in and the Harvest Moon has been enjoyed, there are the faint murmurings of Christmas chat but here at the National Dahlia Collection and there is still a huge amount to see in the Dahlia Garden.


I’d been hoping for a long, gentle autumn in order to allow the dahlias to flower well and for visitors to the garden to continue to enjoy the display.  After the very cold, grey winter and the unrelenting heat of the summer, I suppose I felt like a kind autumn was deserved. Nature doesn’t work like that and last weekend pelted the dahlias with gales and rain – nothing we couldn’t rectify with some tying in and deadheading but since then the weather has been perfect, wall-to-wall sunshine and short sleeves. As a result, the field is the proverbial riot of colour with plenty of bud still threatening to burst.


It won’t be long before we begin to bring the motherstock back into the tunnel to overwinter and be kick started into growth ready for those cuttings to be harvested, then there’s the tuber despatch and shows planning but for now, we’re all enjoying these warm September days.