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    Update 24th April 2017 - this page will be updated weekly

    All orders made between July 2016 and end March 2017 will be delivered during the period mid-April - end-May 2017.

    For UK delivery, the orders are sent out by 1st Class Post and we will email you on the day of despatch.  For Mainland Europe orders, the order will be sent by post and an email will be sent on the day of despatch.  For some very large orders, other delivery services may be used, but customers will still be notified by email.  For customers who have not supplied an email address, no notice will be given. 

    If you are local and have arranged to collect your order, we will contact you when your cuttings are ready for collection.

    When your despatch email is sent, the order status will change to 'Despatched'

    If you look at your order online and see that the Order Status is Complete, this DOES NOT mean that the order has been sent out.  It just means that it has been checked.

    If you are going to be away during the period mid-April - end-May 2017 please let us know your away dates so that we can avoid delivery during that period

    Orders are being despatched each week day unless stated.

    Week Commencing From Order Number To Order Number Notes Comments
     Before Easter      A few early orders have been sent, and a some of the 'collections'
    17/4/2017 Orders <9000  9500
    No order despatch on Monday
    We will be sending out tuber orders this week 
    Some varieties are not ready yet, so not all orders in this range will go out this week.  Orders held back will be looked at again in 2 weeks time.
    24/4/2017  4501  9800
    Tuber orders to be despatched
    Some varieties are not ready yet, so not all orders in this range will go out this week.  Orders held back will be looked at again in 2 weeks time.
    1/5/2017       Orders in the range <9000 to 9500 which were held will be revieved this week 
    22/5/2017      Chelsea Flower Show  


    Please Note:  There is paperwork (Delivery note and planting instruction) in your parcel, but is usually under the cardboard divider to keep it dry.  Each cutting has a 'lollipop' stick which includes the Catalogue number of the cutting. The delivery note details the catalogue number and the name of each of the cuttings.

    Once we start despatching the orders in Mid-April, we will update this page weekly to indicate which ranges of orders we expect to despatch in the following weeks, but we do stress that if one or more of the varieties you have ordered is not well rooted enough to travel, we will hold the order back and reveiw it about 10-14 days later.




    Ordering your Dahlia rooted cuttings
    All orders will be allocated an order number, this provides a useful reference if you have any queries. Also, just before and during our delivery period (April- June) this page will provide information, by order number, of when your cuttings are due to be delivered.

    Ordering via the website
    Orders made on the website will be allocated an order number and the site will automatically email you with an order confirmation, including all your order details. When ordering on the website, it is adviseable to register an account first if you do not have one. This gives you the ability to view your order at any time and complete an incomplete order. Payment will be made by credit/debit card over a secure gateway.

    Ordering by telephone
    You may make an order by telephone on +44 (0) 1736 339276 or +44 (0) 7879 337714. You will be allocated an order number. Payment may be made by credit/debit card over the telephone, confirmation of your payment will be emailed to you. If you pay by cheque, your order is not confirmed until the cheque is cashed, when you will be notified.

    Ordering by post
    If you wish to order by post, you will need to telephone +44 (0) 1736 339276 or +44 (0) 7879 337714 to receive an order form. Order forms are also available from our show stands where we exhibit during the year. Please see the News Page for details of the shows where we will be exhibiting in 2016. Our order form enables you to make a payment by cheque. Confirmation will be given once the cheque has been cashed.

    General Information about the delivery of your dahlia cuttings.
    Generally speaking deliveries are processed by order number, in other words, the earlier you ordered, the earlier your delivery. However, plants being plants do not always root at the same speed, so some orders may be held back if one or more of the Dahlias ordered is being particularly slow to root.

    Rooted cuttings are delivered packed securely in a plastic inner within a sturdy cardboard box (or several boxes for larger orders). Each cutting has a 'lollipop' stick which includes the Catalogue number of the cutting. Please note that there is a delivery note inside the delivery box detailing the catalogue number and the name of each of the cuttings.

    All packages are sent by First Class Post, leaving Varfell Farm mid afternoon and usually arriving on your doorstep the next day, or the day after. If you are ordering from outside the UK, i.e. Europe, packages may take a few more days to arrive.

    Like anybody after a long journey, the cuttings would like to be made comfortable as soon as possible and have a nice drink! Please see our Growing Tips page for advice on how they would like to be treated.

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