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  • Mayan Blood
    Dwarf / Charity Dahlias

    Mayan Blood

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    Product Details

    Dwarf Double Orchid - Red & Pink Out of Stock - 01/03/2017

    Catalogue No.: 4185

    Classifications: Dwarf / Charity Dahlias

    Colour: Red & Pink Blends

    Plant Height: Less than 2' 6" / 0.76m

    This is a charity Dahlia bred by Ken Stock, for more information about our charity Dahlias, click here.


    Availability: Out of Stock

    Price:  £2.80
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    Growing Tips.


    When your rooted cutting arrives unpack & give it a drink...

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    Growing &

    At 10cm-20cm pinch out the lead stem...

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    The big question is to lift or not to lift...

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    These are a few we suggest...

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