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    Q1 What am I buying?

    We supply rooted cuttings , not tubers, in late spring. These will grow on to flower and make tubers for next year in their first summer.


    Q2 When will they be delivered?

    We usually commence dispatch in mid April and finish in late May and try to deal with orders on an as received basis.


    Q3 How do you send the order?

    We currently use first class Royal Mail which has a good track record of delivering within 48 hours but please do not wait several days to collect a package from the post office if they cannot deliver directly as the plants will deteriorate.


    Q4 How tall are the Dahlias when fully grown?

    It is almost impossible to give accurate advice since most dahlias will grow between 3’ (90cm) and 5’ (1.5m) and occasionally taller depending on the ground conditions and the place in which they are planted. If you want shorter dahlias for small gardens or containers browse our dwarf range which will usually grow to 15 -30 inches (37cm to 75cm) tall.


    Q5 When does the money come out of my account?

    Credit card payments are taken at the time of ordering.


    Q6 Why do you ask about substitutes?

    We take all our cuttings to order but sometimes orders unexpectedly exceed the number of cuttings we can take from individual varieties and on occasion we lose stock over winter. On occasions we can provide a close alternative but not in all circumstances.


    Q7 What if I do not want a substitute?

    If you have marked your order "no substitutes" and we are unable to fulfil your order, we will refund directly to your card number if that is how you ordered or we will send you a cheque.


    Q8 When will I receive the refund?

    Usually within 10 working days of the dispatch of your order.


    Q9 What do I do if I have a complaint?

    Please, initially send us an EMAIL explaining the problem, giving us a telephone number and we will seek to resolve the problem within a day or so


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