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Dahlias have enjoyed a great resurgence in recent years as all round feature plants ~ by choosing your varieties and their associated flowering period, you can have cut flowers, boarders and terraces full of colour well in late summer and early autumn.

Dahlia's can be grown in most soil types and situations and can also be grown in pots ideal for patio's and smaller gardens. There are also many dark foliage varieties which can add contrast to garden settings.

When it comes to growing tips there's a simple rule, "If what you are doing now works don’t change just because someone says something different" however we hope that the following pages will give you some helpful advice.

We welcome comments and tips from dahlia growers and any visitors to our website. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.


Dahlia tubers consist of a stumpy stem or stems with several swollen parts attached to them. Where all of this meets is called the crown. The dahlia’s stems can be planted in the spring and will grow from buds, or eyes, on the crown.

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Rooted Cutting

Cuttings that are taken from out motherstock, rooted and despatched for planting in late spring. During the growing season, your rooted cutting will have formed a tuber. A firm, potato-like storage organ that will provide your dahlia with everything it needs to be able to survive, dormant over the winter and grow again the following spring.

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Garden Ready

Larger plants that are ready to place straight in the garden in early summer.

Provided in peat pots of approximate sizes w 6cm x h 6cm 

Plant heights vary depending on variety. Plants can be up to 10cm tall. 

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