Plant Heritage

The National Dahlia Collection is accredited by Plant Heritage, the UK’s leading garden plant conservation charity. Plant Heritage works to conserve the nation’s garden plants for people to use and enjoy today and tomorrow.

Garden plants are under threat from a variety of reasons, including the trend for fewer and smaller gardens, problems of pests and diseases, climate change, a loss of growing skills, and the pressures of horticultural fashion. Unfortunately, once a plant is no longer cultivated, it is lost forever – along with all its historical and social associations, potential economic benefits, and the expertise to grow and propagate it.

The National Plant Collections® aim to conserve plants and ensure they are properly identified, documented and propagated. They are living plant libraries created and cared for by an individual or organisation – whether a passionate gardener, parks department or large private estate.  Collections are held at National Trust properties, in local parks, private back gardens, allotments and greenhouses. There are currently over 600 National Plant Collections, conserving an estimated 10,000 plants.

Plant Heritage is also a membership organisation. Its members are plant lovers who enjoy visiting gardens, learning about plants and supporting conservation. Members can access a network of local groups that organise talks, events, workshops, visits and plant sales. There is an annual Plant Exchange, where members propagate and share hard-to-find plants for free, and they can also register as Plant Guardians to conserve their own rare plants. To find out more about the work of Plant Heritage, and the benefits of becoming a member, visit