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  • Your local Society may recommend particular show bench varieties but these are a few we suggest :-

    Amber Festival   SD     Cream Moonlight    MSC
    Eastwood Moonlight    MSC Grenidor Pastelle   MSC 
    Jomanda    Min B Kenora Challenger   LSC 
    Kenora Valentine  LD    Kiwi Gloria   SC   
    Pink Jupiter    LC Ruskin Diane  SD
    Ruskin Harmony   MC  Trengrove Millenium  MD
    Trelyn Kiwi    SC  

    You will need to disbud all but the lead bud on each stem and both feed regularly and protect from the weather.  We suggest you contact the National Dahlia Society www.dahlia-nds.co.uk for further detailed information regarding showing best practices.

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    Growing Tips.


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    Growing &

    At 10cm-20cm pinch out the lead stem...

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    These are a few we suggest...

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